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Double click Bid Manager

Precise targeting Optimization

Reach always-connected consumers when and where it matters with Google’s complete programmatic buying platform. DoubleClick Bid Manager gives you access to top-tier inventory across screens and formats, and the real-time insights you need to make your buys count.

Precise targeting and optimization

A single access point

Cross-screen made simple

Premium video inventory

Industry-leading fraud protection


Media Math

Double click Bid Manager

Up to 5 Billion Opps Less than 40MS Response 10TB per Model

Media math is a leader in both the DSP wave and DMP wave. It combines audience data, omnichannel media and intelligent machine learning in a single programmatic platform. Mediamath gives marketers the tools to execute smart marketing at scale and to drive truly incremental business value. We help power good advertising experiences that are relevant and meaningful across every channel, format and screen.


Tube Mogul

Cross Channel End-to-End Audience at the Core

Adobe Advertising Cloud, Formerly Adobe Media Optimizer, is an independent, end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. It gives you a single programmatic solution for delivering TV, search, Display and social advertising across any screen, in any format.

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Brand Engagement User Acquisition Remarketing

Reach over 1.5 billion mobile users across 32000 premium mobile properties. Leverage every mobile moment to engage users and maximize mobile revenues.



Identify Track Engage

The complexity of modern advertising campaigns requires a full suite of complementary tools which allow you to identify, track and engage with your audience across a wide range of different channels. With Adform, we provide you with a choice: Advertiser Edge, the industry’s most complete full-stack offering, includes our stand-alone Demand Side Platform, Ad Server, Data Management Platform and robust collection of self-service creative tools.

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Trade Desk

Lookalike modeling Data element report The Data Marketplace

The key to smart decisions is in the data. Reach relevant audiences, make informed, real-time decisions, and maximize the power of cross-device insights with The Trade Desk's fully integrated DMP.
Tradedesk makes sure your DMP advertising campaigns are fully charged through our integrations with leading data providers and exclusive access to The Data Alliance. The largest advertisers in the world rely on The Trade Desk for our closed-loop technology stack that includes an ad server, bidders, and data management tools, with every piece of data earmarked with an owner.

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Global Reach and Scale! Amazing performance!

400+ software releases annually 6 petabytes of real-time data processed

The infrastructure that Amobee runs on is without parallel in the marketing discipline. Among advertising professionals, it’s considered the fastest in the world. It’s highly scalable—though it already embraces half of the entire Internet—highly efficient, because it has to be to handle such massive data volumes, and built with stringent standards of redundancy for the security of our clients. Here is a small sampling of the numbers that only begin to describe our technological immensity.