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Techie nerds, Designer freaks and Witty thinkers
Under One roof!

Our Big bang theory

Earlier in the universe there was a huge explosion of IDEAS, which then compressed to form a planet called “Billion Tags”; Incredible creatures living on this planet, revolving around clustered TECHNOLOGIES and several hundred billion CREATIVE thoughts in a Galaxy! Yep, this is how we evolved...!

Our Ground rule - It’s simple. “Always targeting superb innovative outputs!”

We are creative thinkers, working on unimaginable stuffs and understanding the value of strong partnerships. We adore building products for our “super” clients most of the days, but sometimes we like building our own stuff too. Gotta stay sharp right? Ultimately, we are an Integrated provider and we engage with our clients right from the first impression.

We make it possible

in 4 different steps


Brainstorming at the grass root level to get a convincing base idea.


Tons of iterations done to develop idea into an out-of-the-box concept.


Visualized concept in the mind gets a life on paper.

04. CODE

Code gets our product on road where our Vision becomes a reality.

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It's more than a job!