Tips to Build an E-Commerce Website

Every phase in the technological inventions right from the Industrial Revolution is being done to find alternative ways to ease the workload of humans in doing something. And now this has led to a situation where most of the humans are hesitant to move from their place to even go to a nearby shop. The Internet Technology, ever since its advent, has been growing leaps and bounds, and now it has reached a phase where people can get the things they desire at their doorstep. This is possible through e-Commerce Websites, and it is the Next Big Thing in Business!

E-Commerce is a highly profitable venture, provided it’s properly set up. A number of guidelines are ought to be followed in building a successful e-Commerce Website.

Brainstorm to get a compelling IDEA for your e-Commerce venture

Every success story in any business has proved one thing in common, i.e., being unique in a huge market competition and it makes a product noticeable. If you try to be another Amazon or Flipkart, you will be considered as just another e-Commerce business. But if you understand the requirements of the people that are in scarce and formulate an idea for that cause, there are chances for your business to become a monopoly.

Get on board with a shopping cart!

An e-Commerce website requires a shopping cart software that aids to establish your products and services for sale on the internet. This is one of the important procedure in building an e-Commerce website and a few criteria are to be checked. One must check whether the cart supports payment options, shipping and taxing configuration, merchant tools and real-time statistics and reporting. Compatibility with payment gateways and security during transactions are also important factors to be noted.

An e-Commerce Platform that suits you!

The options for selecting an e-Commerce Platform are abundant and it must be chosen in a way that suits your product. A business can supply their own inventory by paying a monthly fee and there are also options for businesses to supply their own inventory without paying a monthly fee. A low maintenance business can also be carried out where there will be no hassle of supplying one’s own inventory, instead one can supply other well-established company’s inventory, for which a commission will be rewarded.

Establish your store, a website to be precise!

This step requires listing all your products and services and organising them in a precise way. The payment options, shipment options and the taxes are to be fixed and checked. The products are to be organised properly within various categories and sub-categories. The website must be compatible and user-friendly without any lags, such that users find it comfortable to navigate.

Setting up Payment gateway & Merchant Account

A payment gateway is an application that helps to connect an e-Commerce website’s shopping cart to a merchant account. It plays a major role here, since it helps to collect the customer’s credit card/ debit card information and it encrypts and transfers it to the merchant account for further processing. A merchant account helps you to authorize the card used for payments and deposit those transactions into your bank account. It should offer live customer support, 24-hour turnaround on settled transactions and low merchant attrition.


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