Voice Search Trends in 2017

The role of Voice Search technological development is to ease the daily activities of end-users. It is indeed a gradual development, brainstorming a solution to user’s hurdles which in turn gives rise to an updated and innovative end-product. This theory is no different for Search Engine Optimization. Searching using voice input instead of typing is the concept behind Voice Search Technology like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Users can just call upon a name or place they want to search instead of clicking on a browser or contacts app and then typing those keywords.

Voice search – an increasing trend among users!

The saying ‘While in Rome, do as the Romans do’ depicts a clear-cut picture to this scenario. Voice search, which is the technology in trend, has to be utilized to please customers and make their search activity easier. Recent researches have proven that more than 30% of Google users have shifted to Voice Search from typing keywords. Hence, it’s highly profitable for websites if they integrate voice search feature into their search bars.

Keyword discovery –  an equivalent to reading user’s mind!

Discovering the appropriate keyword is the first and foremost step in an effective SEO strategy. This process involves finding the search queries every customer uses while searching for a product or service. Successful businesses usually use SEO tactics to look out for keywords related to their users’ search and also ensure visibility for their customers while searching.

Long-tail keywords (or queries) – a happening possibility with Voice Search!

The highlight of this Voice Search technology is that it favours natural phrases and more contextual words than the commonly used short-tail keywords. To put in a nutshell, this is a clear transformation in keyword discovery which thereby enhance effectiveness. This even lead to the rise in use of long-tail keywords since that’s the most common way users put up their questions. Hence, it is advisable to optimize content in order to avail the usage of long-tail queries. This makes search option convenient for the users and increases your business as well.

Read contents out loud & write conversationally!

Reading out your own content or making others to read out your content will provide an understanding to frame clear-cut contents for your website. It is highly important to create contents that are voice-search friendly. Hence, writing contents conversationally like how people normally talk can be done by avoiding grammar to certain extent. This in turn leads to a hassle-free Voice Search experience.

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